Welcome to the Portage56k project site

The portage56k project was originally set up to help users of the Gentoo Linux distribution, who are still stuck with a standard 56k dial-up modem. The Gentoo portage system (package management) is excellent, however, it is probably fair to say that it's really aimed at those users who have a fast connection to the Internet, such as broadband.

Now, there are many people - like myself - who don't have broadband access to their PC, but, do know someone who does! Therefore, wouldn't it be nice if you could ask the portage system that you want to install/update package X, therefore, which files do I need? You would then get a list of file URLs that you can take to a machine with fast net access, download, burn to disc, copy to original machine and install?! Unfortunately, the portage tools currently don't really make this scenario very practical, which is why portage56k was created!


Portage 0.1 released!
Finally got the ball rolling and setup the Portage56k project, hosted by Sourceforge. It's very early days (only version 0.1) so there are a great deal of features yet to be implemented. However, I still think that even at this early stage, portage56k is useful, and it can only get better!

Thanks to SourceForge.net for hosting the portage56k project.

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